Stay up to date with the renovations of Netwerk Aalst

Guy Woueté


Bebe Books


De Zonneroos

Inspiring stop motion school project by REKKER

Saddie Choua


The Neighbours

By Kristina Melikyan

Studio Aalst

how we continue to support artists during the build, in the abscence of our own physical space

Hugo Roelandt


The Bodies

Article HART magazine

Netwerk Aalst gesloten verbouwing heropening in 2024 closed

Netwerk Aalst is renovating…

Reopening is planned for spring 2024.

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For your information:

During the renovations, there are no exhibitions in Netwerk Aalst. Find everything that is going on in our agenda.

The cinema temporarily moves to VTI Dé Vakschool (entrance: Vakschoolstraat 41). The box office and the café open one hour before the start of the film.

Our team is still working hard as ever and can still be reached via