Colleen / Half Asleep


07.05.2005 20:30

In 2003, Colleen released the critically acclaimed Everyone Alive Wants Answers on the fantastic UK label Leaf (Murcof, Manitoba, Asa-Chan & Junray). Fragile tunes or wobbly lullabies. Obsessive loops and instrumental sequences, with great attention to melody, sound grains and a certain minimalism, reminding us of Anne Laplantine.
In May 2005, her new album will be released and she will present it at Netwerk / centre for contemporary art.

On stage, she always tries to do something different than on record, but with the same quest for her sound: a combination of acoustic guitar, cello, melodica, glockenspiel, drum computer, and according to her mood concertina, synth, thumb piano, flute. The whole thing is delicately processed with effects and direct sampling.

Half Asleep
Half Asleep is the project of Valérie Leclercq, together with her younger sister Oriane. Valérie makes slow singer/songwriter music with piano, acoustic guitar and sometimes drums. In the process, she sings in an almost whispered way, which adds to the intimate atmosphere. Despite its introverted and fragile nature, the music has a huge impact. Whether you call it singer/songwriter music, folk rock, dream pop, sadcore or slightly experimental, it is and remains heavenly. The minor mood is compelling, the melodies enchanting. Take all the fragile from Low, Julie Doiron, Lisa Germano, Movietone, Tara Jane O’Neil, Stina Nordenstam, Shannon Wright and Nico, add that together and one comes close to what Half Asleep is. Her new album will be released on Matamore in March 2005.