Cut Hands / Ekoplekz / Lê Quan Ninh / Vindicatrix


Dream On

24.09.2011 20:30

Frank Theys’ installation Night Fever inspires an evening full of dark dreams, anxiety, horror, grim concerts and videos.

Cut Hands is the monniker of the latest solo project fo William Bennett (known of legendary noiseniks Whitehouse). On his debut LP Afro Noise I he mixed the brutal energy of twisted African percussion with dark synths and noisy electronics.

With various half-working devices, pedals and lo-fi cassette players Ekoplekz brews frightening analog electronics where he puts BBC Radiophonic workshop, early dub, krautrock and post-punk through the wringer.

The French percussionist Lê Quan Ninh plays the bass drum in an unprecedented way, scraping the skin with cymbals, pinecones and other small percussion devices. The result: uniquely layered ethereal drones.

Vindicatrix reconciles the irreconcilable: dark dubstep with Late-Romantic German Songs. His baritone croons, whispers, cries, sighs and groans over minimal electronics and dark beats. It can be said that Vindicatrix’s musical universe sounds like a nightmare, in which Scott Walker engages Shackleton into a dance of death.