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Daniel Higgs / Ancient Battery Hiccup (Pawlowski & Die Urpf Lanze) / / Stare Case / The Away Team / Mauro Antonio Pawlowski / Mittland och Leo / dj Endeavor Foundation

07.04.2012 20:30

AudioMER emerged as a spin off of MER.Paper Kunsthalle, the world­renowned publisher of art books. the label releases contemporary experimental music (White Out, Hieroglyphic Being, Frederic Croene, Mauro Antonio Pawlowski, Brethren of the Free Spirit, a.o.) with beautiful covers, designed by contemporary artists.

Inspirers Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, Jeroen Wille and Han Van den Hoof suggested a true audioMER­trip that goes far beyond the proven formula of a “showcase”.