Matamore Label Night


11.12.2004 20:30

Tom Sweetlove
According to legend, Tom Sweetlove was the shy boy at the back of the class, who always chose his words very carefully. Turn this into music and you know what to expect: beautiful, delicate songs, a little shy but with a lot of charisma.
The Liege-based band is founder of the collective JauneOrange, often mentioned in the same breath as the better-known My Little Cheap Dictaphone. Yet Tom Sweetlove shouldn’t be understated, their Mogwai- and Godspeed-esque dressing ensured a place on the bill at Dour earlier this year, and now as captain of Matamore at Kc Netwerk.

With his past incarnations (Sexytiger, Belmondo), Christian Nolf has always been, especially in Flanders, the best-kept Belgian indie rock secret. So now there is Raymondo, which started as a solo project but has since grown into a proper Brussels band. Their debut album Raymondo (2004), produced by Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid) mixes the sounds of Jim O’Rourke, The Sea & Cake and Idaho. So expect a bit of Nick Drake with trumpet, some subdued bossa nova, lots of melancholic guitar sounds and a dash of post-rock.

Always content when we see this under a film title in Brussels cinemas, Version Original. But back to the music. V.O. is the new solo project of Boris Gronemberger, Raymondo’s drummer, and also the latest addition to the Matamore stable.
After many wanderings in groups like Grinberg, Ishinabe, Chacda, Zop Hopop, The Grandpiano and finally Raymondo,
So now he’s doing it all by himself, bringing bitterly sweet, clean songs to put you right in the Matamore mood.