18.02.2005 20:30

In the shadow of friends Broadcast and Stereolab, Pram is one of England’s best-kept secrets. The Birmingham-based collective resides on the fine Domino label (To Rococo Rot, Ellioth Smith, Jim O’Rourke, Adem, …) and performs strange, archaic music featuring accordion, trumpets, ancient keyboards, fragile guitars, warm dubby basslines and gently progressing chaotic rhythms. Songs like dreamy observations, mixed with imaginary landscapes and fragmentary re-imaginings of sweet childhood.

Pram, previously a guest at the 2004 Courtisane Festival, is working on a Special Instrumental Film Show in collaboration with British film collective Filmficciones. The result is an audiovisual performance linking film and video footage to Pram’s highly cinematic sound. An instrumental show, then, but with some luck we can still hear Rosie Cuckston’s fine voice, making the music reference Broadcast and even Goldfrapp.

Expect tracks from their most recent album Dark Island and the remixes they made for the prestigious Warp label.