Sarah Neufeld + Stefan Schneider / Otto Lindholm



You might know Canadian violinist, Sarah Neufeld, from the rock band, Arcade Fire or its affiliate Bell Orchestre and The Luyas. Additionally Neufeld, together with avant-garde saxophonist Colin Stetson, forms the duo that garnered critical acclaim last year for the post-minimalist album, Never Were The Way She Was.

In contrast to her first solo album, Hero Brother, produced by Nils Frahm, where Neufeld focused on contemporary minimalism, she currently reveals herself on her second album, The Ridge, as an indie singer-songwriter with a very quirky and mystical, yet accessible sound: rhythmic, poppy and yet minimalist, along with a beautiful violin accompaniment to her angelic voice and an often stomping drumbeat.
On stage Neufeld will be accompanied by the much sought drummer and percussionist Stefan Schneider, with whom she played together for years in the Bell Orchestra and The Luyas.

Brussels drone artist and double bassist Otto Lindholm just released his untitled debut album on Icarus Records. By analogy with such artists and bands like Mohammad or James Ginzburg & Yair Elazar Glotman’s Nimbes, Lindholm delivers his intense debut with a dark journey spread over three tracks.
Lindholm refined the LP sound from experiments with a unique manufacturing process, in which he simultaneously played and recorded each track. The bass thus enters into dialogue with crackling analogue equipment, resulting in beat-free music with a wide dynamic range smashing the bass drones.

Expect an intimate and expansive musical evening.



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