Sir Richard Bishop / Ignatz


21.02.2009 20:30

Guitarist Sir Richard Bishop (US), formerly part of the legendary The Sun City Girls, an experimental ethno-improv trio that was able to unite every conceivable genre intp one indefinable, eclectic style. His solo work is limited to acoustic guitar, with which melts together flamenco, Ragtime, Indian raga and folk into a hypnotic style, influenced by Django Reinhardt, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins and John Fahey.

With his third full album III Bram Devens , aka Ignatz (BE), has surpassed himself (again). With its unique retro-futuristic blues-folk he calls out the ghosts of Bukka White, Sleepy John Estés and Robert Pete Williams, through the eyes of an adolescent Lou Reed. Devens’ nasal voice scratches over creaking, atonal and repetitive melodies, noisy guitar solos and faded songs. Ignatz’ music is genuine melancholy that presses our nose against the pure essence of music, expressing the voice of raw emotion through sound in order to achieve essential beauty.

Sir Richard Bishop Live in Chicago