Stichting Mixer night


29.10.2005 20:30

The Dutch label Stichting MIXER has been around for six years, during which time it has specialised in electro-acoustic music and sound art. Think fine names like: Rechenzentrum, Janek Schaefer, Goodiepal, Kaffe Matthews, Köhn and many others. High time, then, to offer a stage to this intriguing foundation in Netwerk.

Janek Schaefer (UK)
British Janek Schaefer is an architect, sound architect, inventor and unique experimental turntablist, perhaps best known as the inventor of the triphonic turntable. But above all, he is a sound artist who will push you headlong into his own sound bath.
Just last year, he and Philip Jeck released the magisterial Songs For Europe on the renowned Asphodel label; other releases came out on (K-RAA-K)³, Staalplaat, Fat Cat and Foundation Mixer, among others. Expect a mix of architecture, acoustics and turntable manipulations.

Goodiepal (DK)
Dane Kristian Vester aka Goodiepal is a creator of contemporary electronic music with releases on Skipp, Fat Cat, Tigerbeat 6, Lucky Kitchen, City Centre Offices and Foundation Mixer, among others. He is also an artist, sound designer, music box maker and, above all, a great fantasist. This race performer from the Faroe Islands works with beautifully built mechanical music boxes, tells you about stones that contain sounds, plays a strange game with planets, and above all drags you into his musical world. A performance/concert not to be missed.

Boca Raton (NL)
Boca Raton aka mouse mouth, aka label boss MartijnTellinga makes micro-architectural music full of samples, unusual rhythms and disparate elements. In fact, he cleverly and above all excitingly combines all that he releases on Foundation Mixer.

Yannis Kyriakides (CY)
Cypriot Yannis Kyriakides grew up in England and eventually came to live in the Netherlands, attracted by the music of Louis Andriessen. He works as a composer and musician in various genres: composed music, contemporary dance, theatre and film. An intriguing world of sound awaits you, bringing together old and new in a surprising way.