Arbeid / Karel Breugelmans / Stijn Ank / David Bergé / Kris Van Dessel



Opening group exhibition Arbeid
Thomas Raat / Kevin Rodgers / Stephanie Syjuco / Katsutoshi Yuasa

What makes the artist “different” than the craftsman? When does labour become “artistic work”? Arbeid, a group exhibition organized in collaboration FLACC (Genk), examines the attitude that various artists occupy in relation to artistic labour. The exhibition provides the impetus to develop alternative models that ensure that the art workplace is better adapted to the changing needs and realities of being an artist. Four artists carry the theme in various ways through work that was conceived during a residency at FLACC.

opening solo exhibition
Karel Breugelmans Constructies 1990-2015

This exhibition will be designed following the realisation and publication of a monographic publication by Karel Breugelmans; looking back on the past twenty years the artist’s work. A combination of new and existing work will provide a clear insight into the imagery of an artist, whose coherent and steadfast work is developed at the interface between architecture, art, manual labour and utopia.

opening solo exhibition
Stijn Ank Unvoid

What happens between the time when there is practically nothing, and the emergence of something that is definite or definable? What happens between the conception of an idea, before the idea as such exists, and the actual realization of the idea? What are the hidden processes at work during creation? What is the nature of the creative process? Unvoid is one of many possible answers to those questions. It shows what goes on from the inaugural instant – the moment when matter is still out of the picture – to the emergence of a work of art. – Karel De Sadeleer

book launch
David Bergé

Fragile City revisits Le Corbusier’s Voyage d’Orient of 1911 in the contemporary context of urbanization with essays and work by David Bergé, Elke Krasny and Tülay Atak. It is based on urban curatorial research by Krasny and photographic exploration by Bergé. After its presentation, Fragile City will be exhibited as an installation.


A performance that shows the 5th action of the ongoing project CAPTURE, by Kris Van Dessel.
“…the space is stripped of language, appearing completely untouched. However, the exhibition plan gives the game away, betraying the work’s title and location. The artist has intervened, but all traces of his intervention have apparently been erased immediately in a spontaneous and natural way. Here the observer’s imagination is truly put to the test.”
— Beatrijs Eemans about The replacement of a brick of a wall at De Garage by the brick out of the wall of my studio. Mechelen, 2014 – 2015.

solo exhibition
Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni Une Machine Simple

The solo exhibition Une Machine Simple by Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni is also open for viewing until November 15th.