Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša / Michèle Matyn / Orphan Fairytale


+ voorstelling posture editions N°7


Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursiša Let me google that for you.

Miks Mitrēvics makes installations with everyday objects and natural elements (such as plants, branches, water, daylight and reflections …). He and Kristīne Kursiša work together on an irregular basis since 2003.

presentation / performance
posture editions N°7
Michèle Matyn Arrows of Thought
With text by Saskia De Coster.
Performance by Michèle Matyn.

Orphan Fairytale

Orphan Fairytale is the solo project for experimental musician Eva van Deuren, of Antwerp, Belgium. Her last album Comets Come Alive (Blackest Rainbow, 2012) is a sea of sound that is so stunning it’s hard to put into words. Blending the minimalistic with the psychedelic, there’s not much else out there that sounds like what Eva does. The cover of this last album was photographed by artist Michèle Matyn.

20:00 opening exhibition Miks Mitrēvics + Kristīne Kursisa
pakhuis +2 +3
20:30 presentation posture editions N°7 + drink
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20:50 performance Michèle Matyn
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21:30 concert Orphan Fairytale
Netwerk Zaal

Posture Editions N° 7
Format 21 × 30cm
16 pgs. + poster 80 × 120 cm
With text by Saskia De Coster (Dutch / English)
ISBN 9789491262074