Sonia Si Ahmed & Maya Dalinsky


The Greater Ones

08.05.2012 16:00

09.05.2012 16:00

10.05.2012 16:00

11.05.2012 15:30

12.05.2012 15:30

The Greater Ones are one-to-one encounters between a performer and a spectator. Maya Dalinsky and Sonia Si Ahmed create performances that involve the spectator in a game over territory. These performances are part of a larger project called The Greater, an ongoing investigation into the nature of power. These intimate scenes beg the question: How do we create or divide community through our individual behavioral choices? Both spectator and performer confront their personal comfort level when dealing with power.

Please make a reservation: or 053 70 97 73. Each one-to-one performance lasts about 20 minutes.