Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank




Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert work associatively. They fire ideas off each other and bounce them back and forth. They “Ping-Pong” with concepts/ objects and thus transcend the individual ego.

The pair surrenders to the spontaneous play of the arts and build a universe with its own unique rules, logic and structures. F&R R&F draw from many sources – their own footage, obscure blogs, hidden symbolism, religion, contemporary film and visual culture…and handicrafts with inter-textual references and meanings.

During this first major solo exhibition they transcend their own method and bring a small collection of recent works in the Netwerk Warehouse. Both large-size pieces, as well as several object-like artefacts are included. The work is funny, formal and direct. In their own unique way, R&F F&R shape the four spaces: “Gossima”, “Flim-Flam”, “Pim-Pam” and “Whiff-Whaff “ (old synonyms for table tennis).

Opening SA 13.09.2014 20:00