Sean Edwards


Drawn in Cursive


Sean Edwards (b. 1980) intelligently examines the functional value and the sculptural potential of everyday objects. His oeuvre consists of minimal sculptures and installations, which are composed of small objects, drawings, photos, pictures and clippings he has collected. Remnants of a previous artistic activity, a found object stripped of its functionality, or objects in his studio are used as starting points in constructing a coherent archive. Many of his works are presented in the exhibition space in an unfinished state. He refers to this as “artistic intuition”, undermining the premise that a museum exhibition space is devoted to the presentation of fully realised artworks. Sean Edwards invites the viewer to play a role in the completion-process of his work. The exhibition Drawn in Cursive is set up as an in situ installation trilogy, in which, Sean Edwards delves deeper into the DNA of his collection, the expanding of his archive and engages in a dialogue with the buildings, architecture and history of the three different locations. The first part can be seen this summer in, Chapter, housed in a former school building in Cardiff. After appearing in Netwerk the installation will migrate to the Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno, Wales.

Opening SA 07.12 2013 – 20:00

Krokuskriebels: interactive family activity
From 5 till 9 March

Sean Edwards