Netwerk Fabriek

Netwerk Aalst becomes an open house!

Netwerk Aalst is many things. We have the contemporary art programme of Netwerk Aalst, the film programme of Netwerk Film, and now also Netwerk Fabriek.

Netwerk Fabriek goes back to the roots of Netwerk Aalst as an open house where everyone was welcome; activists, artists and art lovers, residents of Aalst and beyond, but also 'ordinary' café-goers and those looking for a cup of coffee or a workplace.

Are you looking for a location for your lecture, neighborhood meeting, game night or workshop? Netwerk Fabriek will be happy to help you out! Ask your question via mail. We handle each request individually.

  • Netwerk Aalst endorses that everyone is equal, and expects the same from the organisations we work with.

Netwerk Fabriek goes back to the Centrum voor Samenlevings-Vernieuwing (CSV), which laid the foundation for the creation of Netwerk in 1981. The CSV, founded in the 1970s, brought together people of different ages, ideologies, social classes and groups in order to contribute to new forms of active cohabitation. A café was the beating heart of the Centre. The term 'Netwerk Fabriek', on the other hand, refers to the newspaper that the CSV published.

And so Netwerk Aalst becomes once again the open meeting place where it all started. Welcome!