Kunstenplatform PLAN B


Kunstenplatform PLAN B originated in 2015 as Kunstenfestival PLAN B. For four editions in the village of Bekegem, artists were invited to stay with a host family and create an in-situ work. The seeds of this festival were carried along as the organisation grew into a platform for artistic work in rural space in 2018. Starting from the collective, the small-scale and the non-urban, they work on our own projects as well as filling festivals such as Konvooi, Sorry not Sorry and Uitwijken.

Today, Kunstenplatform PLAN B consists of Leontien Allemeersch, Vincent Focquet and Ewoud Vermote. They run the collective artistic research project Veldwerk and the learning network on artistic practices outside the city of Areaal. They also work on various artistic projects in the rural space of Belgium.

Artistic statement

Kunstenplatform PLAN B works with imagination in the rural context. Based on research and reflection, they support artistic practices, create in-situ presentation moments and ask questions about rural reality in all its manifestations. Recurring themes here are the collective, the non-urban and the small-scale.

They question the image of the countryside as a beacon of peace and stability. Averse to romanticism and nostalgia, they look for other possible approaches. In this way, they try to give the rural a place in the contemporary arts and beyond. To this end, they enter into a dialogue with fields such as biology, urban planning, geology and sociology. Moreover, within their operation as a platform, it is essential to invite other makers to represent this rural space together.

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