While Holding The World In Our Hands, We Lost Control


Alice Saadi


The past two months Netwerk Aalst formed the decor for the studio of Alice Saadi.
While Holding The World In Our Hands, We Lost Control is the result of her residency.

Abandoned places carry a poetic and evocative strenght within them. In her works Alice Saadi seeks to make this visible. Her will to work on a miniature scale is a reflection on one’s own perception and physical position towards those deserted locations and a constant question on the projection of the viewer into images of the world.

Manipulating the scale of real-life objects often confuses our senses. Thus, we perceive the world differently. Greater attention is given to each and every detail, as we are able to study these from a unique position of being ‘above’ or ‘outside’, compared to our usual everyday existence of being intertwined with our surroundings. This stance of the viewer creates an interesting relationship between the viewer and the miniature world, as they now have the possibility to crush the world in their hands.

The impression of being able control the small world is also reflected in the way we process the information. It becomes very easy to see all its contours, to define boundaries, and to place limits. Consequently, if the miniature world is a space that we control, it gives us a comfort feeling of safety. In contrast to the real world which is, in so many different ways, gigantic and slipping out of our hands.

Alice Saadi (France, 1995) lives and work in Brussels, in 2019 she graduated at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG) and has exhibited at Château d’Eau de Bourges, France, 2017 – Gallery Esbama-MoCo, France, 2016, 2017 – Galerie Aperto, France, 2016 – Château de Lavérune, France, 2015.


Opening on Saturday September 28, 2019 – From 2pm

Open from September 29 until October 20, 2019

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