The Astronaut Metaphor

Politics, aesthetics and the human

For the upcoming three years Netwerk Aalst will inform and challenge itself through The Astronaut Metaphor an evolving programme on politics, aesthetics and the human. What is the position and role that artists, writers, thinkers and institutions and their responsive practices can take up within a complex public sphere?

The exhibition Occupie Paradit launches the programme The Astronaut Metaphor and introduces us to some of the initial concerns with a dialectic approach. What is the role of love and empathy and what force can exercise across actors?

With the upcoming programme The Astronaut Metaphor, devised as a series of long term commissions, Netwerk Aalst wishes to understand what an integral support for artists can entail, how we can rethink the institution departing from the needs and wishes of artistic practices holding the here and now of Aalst as its compass. The Astronaut Metaphor takes its title from a publication written by Petra Trivisi and published by Duvida Press.

The programme will be formulated through its accumulative list of participants for the upcoming three years.

A series of gatherings, The Bodies, envisioned and guided by curator Nick Aikens will be held over the course of the The Astronaut Metaphor. Aikens and the artistic team of Netwerk Aalst invite a group of selected guests to meet twice a year and reflect independently on forms of governance whilst at the same time infiltrating Netwerk Aalst’s programme and institutional model. These encounters are conceived as an opportunity to formulate visions – with the participants and in dialogue with, and ultimately for the institution. What form these visions will take is yet unclear and it will shape during the course of the enquiring process and devised by artistic and collective thinking.

The first encounter of The Bodies will be on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2020.

As part of The Bodies: