AKA This Thing in Aalst


Groepstentoonstelling van masterstudenten Beeldende Kunst, LUCA Gent


Expect fascinating action! Expect transformation!
Expect artistic vision! Expect an amazing system and, expect incredible stunts over and over again!

Falling like dominos onto one another’s ideas, challenges and works, twelve artists come together to develop in space and time one weekend of exciting mixed media practises. Works play conversational roles, supporting and daring one another to push forward into a new and next generation of fearless artistic vision.


Amber Van Ham,
Caresse Goossens,
Clara-Lane Lens,
Jonathan de Maeyer,
Lisa van Steenkiste,
Maikel de Greve,
Margo Veeckman,
Mariana Rebola,
Nyall Smith,
Sophie Whetton,
Tim Choin,
Toon Jans


  • Van 21.06 t.e.m. 23.06
  • Opening op vrijdag 21.06 om 19u
  • De groepstentoonstelling spreidt zich over twee locaties in Aalst: Netwerk Aalst (Houtkaai 15) en Huis De Bolle (Zwarte Zustersstraat 17B)